Self healing for today..


So as usual I was having my ups and downs today..Maybe part me..maybe from the medications and being in a chemical menopause..maybe from my living situation..I kept FEELING ..I need to light some sage..and send self reiki to myself..I feel like I am constantly seeking..But I am always drawn back to the reiki..I found reiki years ago..I have had an interest in reiki since 2004..Probably before than..But that year, my dad died and I had to put my dog down..I felt helpless..The last time I saw my father was in his nursing home room..I felt my throat closing up when I entered his room.,He couldn’t eat, drink, walk or talk..That was the last time I saw him alive..I still have an image of him waving to us..I decided that day I wanted to have some way to help..and I thought it could help with my self esteem issues etc..

I read about reiki..even tried online reiki attunements..Honestly, nothing worked until I attended my first reiki class in 2007..I went onto becoming a Reiki Master Teacher..I did do some reiki sessions on pet sitting clients and their pets..But I never taught anyone reiki..Just wasn’t confident enough to do so..Then in Nov 2012 I get cancer and went thru literally a roller coaster ride..In May of 2013 I am diagnosed early stage 4..Although there was a relief..I didn’t have to decide about surgery..because I couldn’t do it now..

Then in 2014 I was trying to put together a support group and tried offering reiki sessions for cancer patients..I made brochures..and passed them out at my oncology office..Well nothing came of this so I gave up..Then I was switched my meds and again on an emotional roller coaster currently..


I have been calling for readings on Blog Talk Radio..One most recently saw certificates on a wall I wasn’t using..Well I don’t have them on a wall currently..I mentioned the reiki certificates….The reader felt I should be doing self reiki and offering reiki sessions..


So I decided to write about it and see if there is any interest..Several groups I am associated with offer reiki to the cancer patients..I could go to the patients home or meet at a space I can rent..

Anyone reading you feel this is a needed service..? Also reiki heals the patient and the healer..So the patient gets a healing and so does the healer..

Reiki is universal life force can be given in person or from a distance..It is mainly used for relaxation, but has been known to heal people.Most healers will say that reiki helps the body to heal itself..


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