The only way is thru..


I have been searching for an easy way out..there is no easy..just to move forward and go thru..I have been having trouble sleeping again,,which doesn’t help me make good decisions..And being woken up by a pounding noise coming from Rick’s mother’s kitchen doesn’t help..It was Rick’s mom pounding the cabinet with her cane at 3a…We have a rat problem and I guess she thought if she banged on the cabinet it would help..Ugh..So now I feel worse..barely sleeping..ahh well..I will live..

I keep praying to the Angels for guidance..something..So I am drawn again to write..even if it’s just a few sentences..So a few hours later, I am laying in bed..and I hear..”everything will be alright”.. “Don’t worry”.. God I hope so..

I am tired from the injections I received on Tuesday..I am tired from not sleeping well..I am tired from not being able to come up with answers to change my situation..Not just the cancer..the fears and insecurities I have in life..

A phone reading I received last week mentioned about a book above my head that I am suppose to write..and to laugh and enjoy life..Laughing seems like a chore at times..But I have read that it is good for our health..I was towel drying Molly yesterday and giggling at her wiggling as I tried to towel her dry..


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