Deep thoughts..


A reading by Bear mentioned about settling..I thought she meant settling with a guy.,maybe she meant settling ..playing small..I don’t have many friends.,and the block I live on with my boyfriend and his mom..they just aren’t that friendly..the kids would go by me and call me weird,,perhaps,,but aren’t they weird to think I am weird? Just a thought..

I admit I have issues with people even kids,,due to fears of being made fun of or not accepted.,

I sat out with Rick handing out candy..I noticed certain kids did not come to our house..and the one across the street..whose parents never spoke to me..this kid was with a group of kids,,and kids are greedy and want candy..The one kid from across the street..says to his gang,,hey guys we don’t talk to them..they didn’t listen and came over anyways..and he took candy from us..

So is it a matter of class? are they better than us? Have more money? Is their candy better? Actually it is all bad for us..

I went to visit my dad’s grave last week..My dad always called himself poor..He became an editor of the Wall Street Journal
I mean I already know that wealthy people get better medical care than poor..

So when the body dies and we are all just souls..does any of it matter?


So here is my dad’s grave among other more expensive tombstones..does it matter..?



One thought on “Deep thoughts..

  1. So Susan, i don’t think any of it marters except to you and your God. To me it’s a matter of ” to thine own self be true.” We all do our best at whatever we do: at the moment you are doing your very best to live with your cancer, your living arrangements, your relationships (Mom, Rick) and that is a lot to be dealing with! Don’t sell yourself short, Susan! You have a tremendous spirit and faith!
    Love you, friend xx

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