Give and be kind..


This is the message I kept hearing today…and Panache Desai had a live phone session and spoke about giving..

I was walking Molly today and decided to grab her frisbee and play frisbee in the park..Molly is a chocolate lab that i walk during the week..I heard in my own mind while looking up at the sky to keep giving and be kind….Even when people aren’t kind to kind and give anyways..that it will all come back..

Another act of kindness was when I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and I decided to pick up Rick’s mom’s meds too..unfortunately hers was not in..but I picked up some Aspercreme for her knees..

Also the other day I donated 2 coats to a breast cancer survivor to be brought to another survivor for her to wear…

And just now I gave some sweat pants to Rick’s daughter to wear..

I am just sharing..I am no one special..but I do try to be kind when I can..because this is how we all want to be treated..


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