2 year Cancerversery


Well world..I am still HERE…I can’t believe it has been 2 yrs.. Since my original cancer diagnosis..The three words no one ever wants to hear..”YOU HAVE CANCER”….It has been such a roller coaster ride..Sometimes I question my own decisions..only because I am still dealing with this 2 years later..Surgery wouldn’t have solved my problem since it did spread some..surgery would have made it spread more..I am still getting hormone therapy and that has been fun.. I currently Take a pill to be able to sleep..But, I have accepted this..and hopefully it is helping me get better emotionally..and get more sleep..

In the last 2 months I have been an emotional wreck with the hormone changes..not being able to sleep..depression..which I can honestly say was from the medication..I am slowly coming back to being more positive..if I need a mild pill to help so be it..it doesn’t mean I am weak ..I just needed a little help..I don’t have all the answers..but I pray often..I don’t have many friends, but I have a few..Life is still challenging for me..it was prior to cancer..but I will continue to do my best as each day comes..and make the most out of it..

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