I have had my struggles thru out my life and on and off anti depressants..I haven’t been on anti depressants for years..I decided to ask the nurse practitioner for a prescription..I mentioned the 2 I have tried in the past..I wandered into the infusion room with my new prescription and hand out for the Xeloda chemo pill..I have been freaking out about this pill for awhile..I have a few more weeks to think about it..

I asked the infusion nurses..and one said. “Good” and seemed relieved..I don’t like taking pills and I have been on Wellbutrin in the past..maybe it’s time..I also have been wondering if I have aspbergers ..I have done the online tests and it said I am borderline..so maybe the meds will help that also…I have always had trouble understanding people..and always had difficulty getting along with others..

But one thing I do know…is I did eventually feel better on the meds..I still worry about side effects.,but like the nurse practitioner said to me this morning on the phone..the benefits may out weigh the risks..

I haven’t felt happy in awhile..perhaps I can feel that way again soon.,
I have been told I have enough on my plate..it’s ok to get some help..

I also made an appt with the social worker who works with Breast cancer patients..so maybe things will improve..I don’t feel strong enough to handle the upcoming medication on my own..I feel too unstable..

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