Feeling bewildered..


So I came back from the Breast cancer social worker..I call her that because when I try to talk about other things she seems to have no interest..as for the Breast cancer..I am sorta tired of talking about it..

I feel a bit discouraged from seeing the social worker,,although she keeps telling me I am healthy with a touch of Cancer..for some reason that doesn’t make me feel better..when ever I talk about alternatives with the social worker she reminds me that there isn’t proven evidence that it works..

I find out that her husband and her daughter are doctors..so that explains why she is pro doctor..I mention other centers,,like Cancer Center of America..and she poo poos them..or anything alternative..I find it frustrating..because I have read after awhile medications stop working..I guess I won’t worry about it for now,,just not sure what to do anymore..other than just live..

I was trying alternatives for awhile but it’s Scarey doing it on your own …


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