Am I doing enough…

My mantra to myself lately has been ..I am enough and try to say it when I can..I can sit here at 6a and pick a part all the things I am not doing.,LIke my animals still having some fleas..My dog Nelson needing a haircut..I haven’t been walking him..Or cleaning the apartment that well..And whatever else I probably

 should be doing..Like maybe helping Rick and his mom with cooking..I haven’t done this because they are pretty picky where food is concerned..and I let them figure out what they want to eat.,plus I haven’t had much of an appetite lately or interest in food..

Things I am doing..I take my wellbutrin daily..I go to my doctor appointments..and I do some pet sitting..I clean the cat box and feed the animals,,I take my dog out around the excuse it’s been too cold to walk him..I am starting to get some sleep again,,and don’t feel as anxious..

I am in an advanced Breast cancer group on facebook and find myself getting consumed with the stories..and worrying about the future..the Cancer spreading,,not doing enough.,

I am enough and am doing the best I can for the moment..


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