I met with the radiation oncologist..


Sigh ..I am tired of being strong..I just wanted to write an update here if anyone is interested..

It’s been 6 weeks since I have been on Wellbutrin and it seems to be kicking in..Which is good I need the extra help..I am so exhausted today..I haven’t slept well the last few days..

I did meet with DR. Williamson the radiation oncologist..She gave me a very thorough exam..She explained the radiation pretty well..I have all the paperwork and will refer back to it..One bad piece of news I received was about a new tumor I didn’t know about on my neck..maybe if she helps me I won’t have to see Dr Schaebler as much..I was told I would need 38-39 sessions of radiation..Dr. Williamson was optimistic..she gave me hope that the radiation can get rid of most of the tumors..possibly put me in NED..no evidence of disease..so we’ll see..

I had 5 pet sitting jobs today..so my feet are killing me and I am laying in bed now..Been a long day ..


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