The Rollercoaster of Life.,


This past week has been such a roller coaster of emotions.,fears..I am not always strong..and in this existence which is Susan.,I am led by how I feel..I still have days when I wake up and feel so overwhelmed..and have trouble pushing thru..Today seems to be a better day…The sun shining helps..I was thinking about the things I worry about which many times are not Cancer related..None of us are perfect..I will never be perfect..whatever that means..

This is the definition of perfect found on


entirely without any flaws, defects, orshortcomings:

a perfect apple; the perfect crime.

WAithout flaws, defects or shortcomings…Well that’s not me or anyone..but I can be the best me I can be..for this moment..If at this moment I sit here in a tshirt and pajama bottoms..while I do my laundry.lthats ok..I use to try so hard to be “perfect”. I wouldn’t leave the house without a face full of makeup..since I have had Cancer.,,I wear very little makeup..oh now you can see my flaws..oh well..I am not a size 6.. Oh well..I Am still alive..And I am doing the best I can for me..thank you God for this day..I wish you all a good day..

One thought on “The Rollercoaster of Life.,

  1. Good job! Keep writing. Keep moving your perspective outside of yourself more and more. Break free from circumstance, to fully engage in life around you. Strange as it seems, we still have much to be thankful for. This isn’t a criticism – it’s a hand up, to try to lift you out of the depths of the cancer cesspool. I have to do this for myself daily. Looking outward is the best medicine. Much love from a fellow writer and mets sister. ❤

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