A shoulder to lean on..

Yesterday I had a breakdown..maybe I have always had one..well I sat crying in the examination room..the doctor was suppose to meet with me, but was called away and wasn’t available ..Colleen was the nurse that asked me if I wanted to go over the medical exam part or wait until tomorrow..I told her that it might help to talk to someone because of how I was feeling..On my way to my appointment I prayed in my car that God and the Angels would give me a sign and show me their presence ..and kept saying God help me..God help me..

This kind nurse..no an earth angel..sat with me while I cried and talked..I just told her that I felt invisible and I thanked her for taking the time to make eye contact with me and acknowledge me..she was very sympathetic..she asked if she could hug me and gave me a nice big hug.,She said she couldn’t take away how I was feeling and said how she admired us Cancer patients how we can walk around with a smile with everything we go thru and how we are her hero..she shared how she worked in hospice..and we just continued to talk..She also shared how she wasn’t suppose to be there..that she was done with work an hour ago,but stayed on.,her gut told her to stay..I told her how I prayed for a sign and maybe she was it..and the fact that she gave me her time to talk to me and didn’t even have to be there..So I just wanted to acknowledge this wonderful nurse who made eye contact and gave kindness and didn’t have to..she didn’t have to sit and talk to me..she could have just told me to talk with a counselor or go to a support group..



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