When life gives you lemons..

Make lemonade..or suck on the lemons and taste the bitterness..yes we make our own path..sometimes we end up on top ,sometimes we hit rock bottom..I think I am at my bottom.,although I don’t feel sad..thanks to my welbutrin..I am sitting in bed..so I thankful for a roof over my head for the moment..we do the best we can with each moment..

Oh,,all the coulda .,shouldas..would as come up.,I admit I am bad with money..and didn’t always make wise decisions..maybe if I stuck with jobs in the past I WOULd at least have work history and credits toward disability currently..but how many people think,,well I might be disabled 20 yrs from now.,I never thought that much into the future.,maybe I should have.

Maybe if I finished college I would at least have an associates degree..and work in social work or something to show for it..Maybe if I moved to Charlotte years ago when my friend Val tried to get me to.,my life would be different..who knows..but this is where I am..I pray and ask the Angels for guidance daily..writing helps..sharing my go fund me account helps..walking my dog helps..going outside and taking a breath of air into my lungs help..

Thank you God for this moment,,for this breath.,some how some way things will be ok.,

Please read my go fund me site..share..give.,pray..blessings..



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