Waiting for my life to start..

  I remember the line from the Fault in our stars..where Gus says to Hazel..that he wanted to be special..and she says he is special..then she says..”Gus this is your life ..you get me your family..and this world..if that’s not enough for you then I m sorry”..

I guess I am waiting for something wonderful to happen and what do they say..life happens when we are making other plans.,I have spent most of my life seeking love..for a companion..friend..lover..to be loved..accepted..I recently moved from where I was staying for 4 yrs..I was hoping it would be more than what it was,,and many times I felt alone and fighting Cancer all by myself,,although I lived with people who were to preoccupied with their lives..

And now I am back in my home town and with my family..so in that regards I am blessed..I could be homeless or totally alone..and I do have my pets..who are my children and I hugged them when no one else was around..Would I still like the love of my life and live like I am dying..well this is my life and there is no waiting around for that magical person..so I guess I need to be that magical person to myself and enjoy each day I am given..as we all should..


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