“I adore you..”..these are words I need to hear from my partner..perhaps I need to say them to myself..I HAVE ALWAYS SETTLED..where love is concerned..settled for whatever just showed up..even if they didn’t treat me right..do I have issues..YEP..and Cancer too..what better time to give the ultimate love letter to mysel..to start adoring myself..loving myself..like my life depended on it..because it does..I mean really love myself..as I am right now..not when  Susan loses weight..or is Cancer free..or makes good money..or even when the next guy comes around..

I look at photos on Facebook of some Cancer patients who have spouses..one in particular..you can see the love in his eyes..I want that kinda love..we all want to be loved..is it possible for me..I want to think so..but I will be honest..I am better with animals than people..what I want ..I don’t think it exists..its the love in all love movies..Is it possible for me..? YES..I WILL CLAIM IT AS SO..I have had love affairs..maybe the key is to love myself..respect myself..

I want to live the rest of my life..joyful..regardless of what I have or don’t have..I want to wake up and be blessed to be given one more day..I want to be surrounded by people who adore me..kinda like Norm on CHEERS..when he walks thru the door..like the bar CHEERS..where everyone knows your name..and I bring joy and love to everyone I meet..I DO NOT WANT MY LEGACY TO BE..OH THATS THE GIRL EVERYONE HATED..PAST TENSE..I WAnt TO BE THE WARRIOR PRINCESS WHO FOUGHT CANCER WITH GRACE..


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