Follow your gut ..

Apparently there is a theme on Facebook tonight.,I saw like two messages on following your gut.,and one video..ok spirit quit nudging me..I am a strong proponent of listening to your inner voice.,intuition…that thought..whatever..

Yesterday..I installed wifi in my mom’s house..ok the Comcast girl on the phone helped but she couldn’t see what I was doing..then I learned a lesson later when the cable went out..I needed to straighten out the cable it was still rolled in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep..Nelson and I wandered downstairs,,I saw the TV was still out..and had a thought..if I caused it I can fix it..I also thought of how a water garden hose gets kinked up the water can’t flow..wouldn’t a cable be I straightened it out..viola.,everything came back on..pat on the back for Susan..because yesterday I called my friend thinking he installed the wifi in his house..he didn’t .,oh crap..I did something he didn’t I couldn’t see my mom being charged 40 bucks for someone to come out and screw in some cables..YAY ME!


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