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A review of last week..

So this past week was interesting..on Monday I had a new dog sitting job..I stayed with Max in their family home for 7 hours while his family attended a funeral..Tuesday I had my Herceptin infusion,,and they gave me flowers when I left,,their flower guy donated flowers to the ladies and I was a lucky recipient..


The rest of the week was rather quiet..On Thursday I was invited for a dinner date..but it was with an ex boyfriend..and he is an ex for a reason…he expects something in exchange and refuses to give up his Saturday girl for I didn’t show up for dinner on Friday.

As pictured in the top photo..I went and got a tattoo instead..just for me..

the monarch butterfly symbolizes courage…strength..


 I was inspired by my tattoo to do some painting..and I made some more soy candles,,these are salted caramel …

I met with a fellow Cancer patient today to go over her dogs’ care while they are at their reception for their wedding..I stopped off at this country farm store and market..bought a pumpkin pie and some goodies..



Just sad..

I have been following this story for awhile,,reading all the articles and articles in my local paper..I have been a professional pet sitter for 20 yrs..If you are walking a dog and see a dog off leash or aggressive you go the other way..and if you claim to be a dog trainer you should be able to control your dog..

  Teenie was brutally shaken and killed by the dog pictured below..who is way bigger than the above pictured dog..the little dog was on his property protecting the owner who was disabled and in a wheel chair..
 This dog has a record..according to other articles I have read..there have been other complaints about this dog,,the only reason the owner had his dog euthanized was to prevent being sued..he could have tried to fight it..although this dog would have been euthanized anyways..there is no way they would allow this dog back out in public knowing it killed an animal,,..

What disturbs me is the dog owner of the pit bull claims to be a dog trainer.,and his girlfriend who I know and have given pet sitting jobs to has been a pet sitter for over 5 yrs..I recently found out about this incident,,I recently moved out of Hopewell and haven’t been reading the paper until the woman I know called me and meekly told me about the situation and the paper made it sound worse than it was..Hmm shaking a little dog in its mouth is pretty bad and killing it..I never knew the boyfriend was a dog trainer in the 3 yrs I have known her..nor did I know that she has him take care of some of her jobs.,I will no longer give her anymore jobs..

I will not with a clear conscience recommend someone knowing she allows her boyfriend to care for her pet sitting jobs..I wasn’t aware he claimed to be a trainer.,I wasn’t aware of his dog’s record of bad behavior reported to the animal control..

It upsets me to read ignorant blogs blaming the little yorkie above for provoking the pit bull.,oh please..the owner was on his property and stated he has never seen the bit bull before..why walk your dog thru a neighborhood if you know he is vicious and you can’t control your dog..