A review of last week..

So this past week was interesting..on Monday I had a new dog sitting job..I stayed with Max in their family home for 7 hours while his family attended a funeral..Tuesday I had my Herceptin infusion,,and they gave me flowers when I left,,their flower guy donated flowers to the ladies and I was a lucky recipient..


The rest of the week was rather quiet..On Thursday I was invited for a dinner date..but it was with an ex boyfriend..and he is an ex for a reason…he expects something in exchange and refuses to give up his Saturday girl for me..so I didn’t show up for dinner on Friday.

As pictured in the top photo..I went and got a tattoo instead..just for me..

the monarch butterfly symbolizes courage…strength..


 I was inspired by my tattoo to do some painting..and I made some more soy candles,,these are salted caramel …

I met with a fellow Cancer patient today to go over her dogs’ care while they are at their reception for their wedding..I stopped off at this country farm store and market..bought a pumpkin pie and some goodies..



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