Pink ribbons are not a cure for stage 4!


Today is October 1st..better known as in the Cancer community as the start of PINKTOBER..Where all products have pink on TV..I even went to Michaels arts and crafts store last night and they had a section of Breast cancer awareness items..which is fine if the money goes to research and to help those with stage 4 living with metastatic disease..One thing I don’t agree with those on FACEBOOK who are so vocal about funding for stage 4 ..they always mention how they have a terminal illness and will die..GUESS WHAT? We all will die one day..the sucky part about living with a disease that most likely will take my life…I have a constant reminder that I may die sooner than I would like…

I am a 46 yr old single lady…never been children ..except my fur children..not many friends in real life..but you know what? My life is just as valuable as the woman with a child with the same stage and disease as me..yes she has a child that may one day be with out a mom,,and that isn’t fair.,I get it..and in a way ..I am fortunate I don’t have children ..because they would have to live with out their mother..and grow up and celebrate milestones..without her..I get it and I am sad for these women..their families..

I would love the day when this disease becomes a chronic disease that can be managed..Although.,maybe I am in oncologist always told me from the first day I met him,,that it can be managed for a very long time..And that he likes to prescribe High doses of prayer! This is why I love him..and I dislike doctors..but I am very fond of my oncologist..I get an infusion of Herceptin every 3 weeks and see Dr. Schaebler every 6 weeks along with my infusion..Usually ..most of the patients in the infusion room, are patients of Dr. Schaebler..most have told me stories ..of how he saved their life,,or extended in that regard , I feel cared for and hopeful..

I also believe in positive thinking.,prayer..eating well,,moving my body , whether it is gardening..painting..or walking my dog Nelson..



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