Ok I can respect that people are in different places in their journey..path..nightmare..whatever they perceive their new normal to be..for me I have accepted I need to take antidepressants to keep the chemicals in my brain stable so I don’t go back in the dungeon not being able to joy miserable..


I would much rather focus on what can I do with my life.,yes we will all die one day.,I may die sooner or later..posting this shirt and wearing it and smiling I am sorry..maybe she feels she is sharing a me it looks like a depressed person..listening to other depressed people..I just hope she didn’t pay for that shirt..I make shirts with a ribbon and stage 4 needs more…not.,I am terminal I am dying..


Valerie Harper who is living with stage 4 Cancer..I believe it started in her lungs and travelled to her brain..She would say..she is terminal,,BUT NOT TODAY..THAT IS WHAT I HOLD ON TO.,THAT IS WHAT I FOCUS ON…THE NOT TODAY PART.,I don’t know what tomorrow may bring,,but today I am going to drink a cinnamon chai latte and enjoy every sip..I am going to sit by a lake eating my salad looking at the water..I am going to come home and take a well deserved nap and not feel guilty and enjoy every moment..

Do I think of dying? Of course..I guess I am in denial,,because I still believe I can meet a great guy..even as overweight as I am..maybe even get married,,with stage 4 Breast it is about living..I just feel sad for these women making these tshirts with words..words are so powerful…the numbers 1111 which comes up for me often..means watch your thoughts.,I still believe in prayer..the power of the subconscious mind..,if you tell yourself you are terminal and dying.,you may actually make it happen sooner..

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