What do you believe?

I believe the above statement..buy yourself flowers..buy yourself cheesecake..the answer isn’t in another person..it is within you.,it always has been..

I recently had a conversation with a friend I haven’t spoken to in awhile.,she asked me if I had a boyfriend? But said it in such a way..kinda pissed off..gee I’m sorry ..I was with some one for 7 yrs ..lived with him for 4..he moved 1300 miles away.l am living with stage 4 Cancer and recently moved back to my mother’s home after being gone for 16 yrs..and you want to know if I have a boyfriend.,and not in a loving way..more nosey.like I have some secret…both her and I are overweight..the secret is I won’t settle..

So it is ok to be alone..and because I have Cancer I could date and sleep around with many men..and not care or I can live my life on purpose..do what makes me happy..and not wait around for some guy’s approval or anyone ‘s approval for that matter..


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