If you can help someone do it..

I dislike having to ask for help all the time,..I have been an independent person for so long,,then Cancer came into my life.,I have always had issues with people and probably always will..for some reason it has never been easy for me to connect with others.,although I do care for others and help when I can..


Having said that I am sharing my fundraiser page here..I also make different crafts like bracelets..earrings..hand painted wood plaques and glass..I will offer a hand crafted item for every donation I receive.,I would just need your contact info to send out to you..I figured most People like getting something for their money..



Money has been really tight for me..so when I get holiday money I tend to share..I sent $50 to a homeless woman in Minnesota living in a tent..and sent two stuffed animals as a secret Santa to 2 little girls in Pennsylvania ..I was watching a show that was on years ago called My name is Earl..he was kinda a low class guy for awhile and watched Carson Daly on TV talk about karma..so he would write a list of people he harmed and contact them and make it up to them and cross them off his list..he won a million dollars on a scratch off ticket ..lost it and found it when he started doing good..a Christian radio dj use to say ..do as much as you can ..for as many as you can ..for as long as you can..



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