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Fighting the good fight..



Those that follow me on Facebook know I am quite vocal..especially about certain subjects..So I thought I should put all my thoughts here..We are all human..none of us are bullet proof..and no one knows it all..we gain knowledge from life experience, by working in a specific field..What frustrates me when people don’t take the time to listen to others..but rather spout off their own personal opinions which may not be factual..what also saddens me many times are so called professionals trained in certain fields..

An example..was when I was sharing my frustration with Medicaid..and a so called trained person with a counseling background felt the need to post a message on her page about people complaining about those with medicaid and that they have no right to complain because it is free..well first off nothing is free..if you consider having to be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer to get medicaid a free ride..well I will gladly can go thru my treatments for breast cancer and I will take your insurance and pay what isn’t covered..and I will go back to be declared cancer free..and then you tell me what it’s like having free insurance..first off..very few doctors except my are treated like a homeless person..I can only get those procedures that my insurance approves..which is a battle in itself..let’s also include the cost of gas I have to pay to fill my car to drive to the facilities where my insurance is accepted..

Look we all have different experiences..but that is very insulting to insult someone who is fighting for their life and this is coming from a so called mental health professional ..who wants to study to work with those with a particular disability and cancer..well you better take some sensitivity training because guess what a lot of your patients you will be treating will have medicaid ..which you think is free..this is bottom of the barrel health insurance ..I am not complaining and grateful I have it..prior to begging to get into this program to receive Medicaid ..which I was rejected twice..I had charity care..and had over 40,000 dollars worth of medical bills..and once again this mental health person said I should be does she know I am does she know that in order to get these procedures paid by charity care or medicaid it has to be approved procedures..

After contacting 2 alternative health medical doctors..and getting rejected because of lack of money..and one of those alternative doctors told me to go back to the hospital ..go on charity care.,this was before Obamacare..get treatment..and that I couldn’t afford his $2000 worth of supplements to do his quite honestly I would rather PAY for the treatment I want than get than the do called “FREE INSURANCE”!IMG_3891-0



…to go bald or not to go bald..that is the question..I WILL NOT..

Sharing my own personal thoughts..yes I get what being bald usually symbolizes..but not all baldness is cancer dad was practically bald before he passed in May 2004..Women lose hair during menopause..There is alopecia ..which from my understanding ..can be full hair loss or some baldness..I decided to not shave my head..SHOCKING THAT I GO AGAINST THE NORM..ha NOT..I am such a rebel.,yes I see why those brave souls shave off their hair..

  1. No clumps of hair in the tub drain..
  2. no strands and clumps of hair on your pillow ..clothes..EVERYWHERE..
  3. some feel feel free doing this
  4. some feel like a warrior..proud to show their bald head..


I  can still be a strong warrior princess with my thinning head of hair..My path  with cancer has been rocky..messy..unconventional ..but as individual as me..

Guess what are an still have free will and free choices in this country..if you do not want to shave your head..YOU DO NOT HAVE TO..I have spoken to a few places that will shave your head for free cancer group makes like a party with it..look I have A shaving razor.,I could simply shave off the ..I am hanging on to what little I have on purpose ..not showering and washing my hair daily like I use to..we really don’t need to do either of these things really isn’t good for our hair or nurse practitioner told me this.,unless you are rolling around in mud or really filthy..but otherwise.and for my purposes ..which have been just being home most days..and no I don’t have a body odor.,I wear deodorant..I am just hanging on to what little hair I have left..

so here is to those that don’t want to shave their heads..doesn’t mean you are weak..or less than or just means you prefer not to go bald..