…to go bald or not to go bald..that is the question..I WILL NOT..

Sharing my own personal thoughts..yes I get what being bald usually symbolizes..but not all baldness is cancer related..my dad was practically bald before he passed in May 2004..Women lose hair during menopause..There is alopecia ..which from my understanding ..can be full hair loss or some baldness..I decided to not shave my head..SHOCKING THAT I GO AGAINST THE NORM..ha NOT..I am such a rebel.,yes I see why those brave souls shave off their hair..

  1. No clumps of hair in the tub drain..
  2. no strands and clumps of hair on your pillow ..clothes..EVERYWHERE..
  3. some feel feel free doing this
  4. some feel like a warrior..proud to show their bald head..


I  can still be a strong warrior princess with my thinning head of hair..My path  with cancer has been rocky..messy..unconventional ..but as individual as me..

Guess what people..you are an individual..you still have free will and free choices in this country..if you do not want to shave your head..YOU DO NOT HAVE TO..I have spoken to a few places that will shave your head for free ..one cancer group makes like a party with it..look I have A shaving razor.,I could simply shave off the rest..no ..I am hanging on to what little I have left..by on purpose ..not showering and washing my hair daily like I use to..we really don’t need to do either of these things daily..it really isn’t good for our hair or skin..my nurse practitioner told me this.,unless you are rolling around in mud or really filthy..but otherwise.and for my purposes ..which have been just being home most days..and no I don’t have a body odor.,I wear deodorant..I am just hanging on to what little hair I have left..

so here is to those that don’t want to shave their heads..doesn’t mean you are weak..or less than or anything..it just means you prefer not to go bald..


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