On a positive note..

These are some little things I have been doing to occupy my time..I recently had purchased some organic essential oils from a small business..not the big name ones that everyone is familiar with ..with the big price tag and membership fees..no..this one is one gal that I found on Facebook..she was kind enough to send me samples and the rest as they say is history.,I have already shared her info about her in a group I have on Facebook and told a few friends about her.,I have this need to help people whether it is referral..purchasing items from them.,befriending them whatever..and I usually don’t want much back..friendship is always nice..well the oils help me..the orange essential oil seems to be my favorite..it is so uplifting and happy..I feel no need to wear perfume.,I use frankincense a lot on my feet to help heal my liver tumor..I use peppermint oil for headaches..and there are 3 others ones in the pouch that I haven’t tried yet..for more info about these wonderful oils please contact..

Lisa Straub

Certified Aromatherapy Practictioner 

Enchanted Essences

Handmade aromatherapy products..


Also find her on Facebook..


484 995 0724

I am trying to eat healthier..tonight I was hungry..and instead of picking on crap..I made Brussels sprouts in olive oil with Himalayansalt..ginger..turmeric..pepper..broccoli..pods..cauliflower..carrots..black bean and corn salsa..very tasty and good for you too..so I try to eat better so I can be well..for those that don’t know me..I have metastatic breast cancer to the liver..May will be 3 yrs at stage 4.. All and all I am doing well..although not stable or NED ..YET..I am working on it..I believe in the whole,,mind ..body..spirit thing..I try to eat well..pray to God and the Angels.,I spend time with my animals,,I craft and make a little extra money.,and I write..a psychic told me tonight that the energy lit up around writing ..so here I go blogging again,,but something more uplifting than dark,,..

I seem to be literally ripped away from things..like a boyfriend of 8 yrs..a physical move he made to Florida..and me being forced to move back home after 16 yrs.,having cancer..been a pet sitter for 20 yrs and can’t get new jobs to save my life,.so I have learned to flow like water..not force it..I go where I am  lead..I was led to call this new psychic tonight and she was dead on..my own psychic abilities are opening up by leaps and bounds..I listen to my inner guidance more,,and can be standing next to someone and literally feel their energy..I am making some cash with crafting,,but that seemed a bit forced too so I may just wear my stuff and go with the flow..I have been solo physically and emotionally for sometime but have learned to lean on God and the Angels who are always there when people aren’t and my beloved pets..


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