Trust will not die tomorrow from a cancer diagnosis today..

I think a lot of people get frustrated with me..I am very open about my cancer..I have shared pretty much everything either on Facebook or my blog..partly as a way to journal and also so if someone else gets diagnosed they have something to read or a person to refer to..I won’t go into detail but a friend told me of another’s friend’s recent Cancer diagnosis..and they are rushing them in for emergency surgery..look I was stage 2 b November 15 th breast surgeon and I bucked heads..she had me thinking if I didn’t have surgery I would die tomorrow,,I mean that’s how they I started talking to everyone.,I have a very tiny support system so I reached out to as many people as I could,,over the groups..what I learned talking to survivors is just because they remove the Breast and reconstruct it,,doesn’t guarantee that the cancer will not grow back or that they got it all,,I heard several stories how women almost bragged about having cancer 3 times..fuck that.,I just want it once not to think it is gone and then Chris wark has made videos and blogs about his cancer journey..yes he did surgery but refused chemo.,but what struck me was..he said he didn’t feel at peace with doing chemo..look I don’t totally feel at peace with chemo..but I didn’t feel at peace with surgery and didn’t trust my surgeon..yes none of us are promised tomorrow..but I am stage 4..the life expectancy is about 26 months..I have already went past my statistic for my stage Cancer by 8 months..May 2016 will be 3 yrs at stage 4 and November of 2016 will be 4 yrs of original diagnosis ..I won’t say ok only do natural or only do medical from my research and having spoken to so many survivors the best course of action is to do as much as you can..medically..alternatively..spiritually..prayer..meditation..we each just have this one life,,but last I checked there are still miracles..


2 thoughts on “Trust will not die tomorrow from a cancer diagnosis today..

  1. You’re truly an inspiration and that post is full of positive energy, keep doing what sits right with you. My mother had surgery over thirty years ago for colon cancer but they never offered any chemo, if they had advised it, she would have agreed. She is in her eighties now and still thriving, runs a stall twice a week where she sells her handmade knitwear, and heads off to Spain a couple of times a year on holiday.

    • Aww thank you for the kind words..I am a crafter too..and my mom just turned 80..don’t get me wrong I wanted no part of all it took a lot of convincing because it usually kills people..glad your mom is doing so well..I just don’t like doctors scaring you into treatment..I told my doctor that chemo was last resort..hopefully I won’t run out of options but I believe in prayer too..

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