What would Jesus had done..

I was going to share this on my facebook page..but decided to share it here..since some may get offended by my choice to share this on Easter..which I know the Christians find it hard to believe and have to be reminded that not everyone celebrates Easter..but similar to Christmas..when the world stops the same with Easter..here are my thoughts on the subject from this reformed Jewish woman’s eyes..and my own personal thoughts since most Jewish people believe their Messiah hasn’t come yet.,

This is one of the first years in a long time that Passover isn’t celebrated the same week as Easter.,The Jewish holidays come out on the days that coincide with the Jewish calendar..but in the Old Testament..Jesus’ last supper..was the Passover Seder..so perhaps the Christians need to buy a Jewish Calendar and move Easter closer to when Passover comes out..and perhaps they need to be celebrating Passover..since that is what Jesus did..and their Pastors and Ministers preach to be more like Jesus..I know too deep for such a solemn holiday..Similar to Christmas..which has nothing to do with Santa..Easter has nothing to do with The Easter Bunny and chocolate Rabbits..and eggs..some will say well it’s the Resurrection and new birth..I was raised Jewish..but I am very open minded..and to me it is more a history lesson..because technically everyone is Jewish..and back in those days even Jesus followed the Jewish traditions..I am not disrespectful to anyone’s beliefs..we are all free to follow and believe what we want.just like Christmas is for children..so is Easter..the gift giving part that has nothing to do with Jesus..personally for myself and growing up a Jewish girl where most of my school friends ate their chocolate bunnies while I ate my Passover meals..and macaroons..I always find it interesting that the Christians celebrate a Jewish man’s death..and the world acknowledges the Christian holidays more than the Jewish ones..actually this year..unless your children go to a Jewish school..they will most likely not get off from school for Passover..yes they have their spring break now..ahh well my thoughts anyways..you know I am a deep thinker and always have them..and it’s my opinion..as always..

Sharing this from a facebook post..I found it funny..



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