Banana and Strawberry Green Smoothie

 Banana and Strawberry  Green Smoothie

One banana

Some Strawberries(washed)

Handful of spinach(washed)

Sprinkle some turmeric,ginger powder,Himalayan salt..

teaspoon of Raw Honey

1 cup of Almond Milk




3 thoughts on “ Banana and Strawberry Green Smoothie

  1. Thanks for that fab recipe. My youngest is on a very strict diet (been sick a long time) and she makes lots of smoothies. Those ingredients are okay for her, I’ll pass it on. She puts Kale or Spinach into her smoothies and they taste really good.

    • Sorry to hear about your youngest..yes I have been following many blogs since I was diagnosed with cancer,,I always enjoyed cooking..I have a Vitamix..the fruit is to make it tasty..although still has health benefits.,and originally this blog had a lot natural tips to heal Cancer..I am trying to incorporate those things again..while undergoing treatment,,some people can’t have too much sugar..but you definitely need a fruit to make it tasty..otherwise kale and spinach doesn’t taste good..

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