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Be your own hero..

I dunno..the title just came to me.,so I tend to just go with things and take it from there,,kinda how I live my life these days..which reminds me of some homework a well meaning social worker , but obviously no experience working with people living with cancer,,..she said to me..”Write down some goals.”.blah blah..

I have several points of view on this..1. My medical reports say I have terminal cancer..but like my hero Valerie Harper who is living with terminal brain cancer..actually it’s metastatic cancer..started some where me..she would say..” I may be terminal..but not today”! So..if I view myself as terminal then why even set goals..although I was never really a planner..but my point is if I am going to die anytime soon why bother., 2. I do set goals,,but in my head,,each day..well sometimes I write it down.,I think of things I have to do such as pet sitting..or a dr appt..or do something for my mom..then I focus on things I want to do…like making at the end of the night,,such as I write this,,I can lay my head on the pillow..and say ..”thank you God for another was good..” So I will sit here or lay in bed and think of things I accomplished…good deeds..etc..such wanted me to drive her to pay her taxes..I said I would but when she wanted to know when I wanted to go around 2p..I acted like a 10 yr old..because I didn’t want to..I felt cornered like a scared dog..and forced to..and I got snarky with my mom..then I felt dressed…drove her…then we had to wait because the tax lady was chatty with the elderly man before us..but I kept my cool…trust me,,I wanted to say..”excuse me..we have been waiting a while,,” but I didn’ mom paid her receipt and was content..ok as content as you can be paying taxes..

So as I sit here I think ..well I didn’t want to do that…I threw a a child ..then I sucked it up..and was able to just relax and make jewelry the rest of the day.. Ya see..I don’t have a I go back to work? What if I get sick..I don’t feel sick though..but that could instead I focus on what I can control..I want to try to eat better,,I have been adding more veggies to my diet..for lunch I made a veggie pizza..cauliflower crust with red pepper and spinach and onion,, when my brain gets into that stinkin thinkin..mode..l physically move my body..even if it is just doing stuff around the house…because if I think too much I think how much my life sucks..and how much of a loser I am..then I have to quiet that voice..and just do what is in front of me..I have nothing to prove to anyone..not even me..where every so often I think well I have to work..or go to school or some title..or that the lack of one makes me less instance..I have a very curious knowledge towards natural health..foods..herbs..learned it from my mom.,and well she is 80 so she must be doing something right.,I text Rick to check on him..he wasn’t feeling well yesterday..still not well..he didn’t want to go to the dr..and I don’t blame him , they don’t always I just gave him advice he already knew..drink lots of fluids.,ginger ale helps the tummy..ginger tea..peppermint..lots of that this had anything to do with him..but I feel pleased with myself..for a moment thinking I should go to school for this…get a certificate…piece of paper stating that I went to school and learned..I wasn’t one for school..I live the school of life.,I went to college to be a counselor..dropped out..but I counsel Susan’s way..from my own life experiences..from reading…watching videos.,speaking with knowledgable people..

So today I am going to be my own hero…instead of seeking someone or save me..because at the end of the day..we still have to deal with ourselves…and say I did the best I could today..God willing…I will be blessed with another day!


Middle of the night ramblings..

So I woke up fom a dream and felt totally worthless…haven’t felt like that in awhile..and I was sitting here maybe this thought is right..I mean the reality,,I am 46..if I would die tomorrow very few would life doesn’t add that much value to this world..I am overweight…I am not someone’s mother.,well other than my furry kids..I didn’t graduate college..I am not someone’s wife..I don’t even have a job off of SSI and living at my mother’s home..and oh yeah I have stage 4 metastatic I could die at anytime..

SO I get up..go to the bathroom and I hear a Christian song in my head..Ya know when you listen to music and a song gets stuck…well that’s what I try to find the song on YouTube..and I found this one instead..

Rise up by Andra..

“MOUNTAINS..I RISE UP..LIKE THE DAY!!!” Maybe exactly what I needed to hear to shake off the blues..maybe in the world’s eyes..I am a mess..but..I am still that’s a good the rest is up to me what I do with that.. “All we need is hope”… Even if I don’t have anyone to cheer me on..and say atta girl..I guess I have to give myself a good old atta have nothing to aren’t done yet…not sure what that means.,but my light is still shining bright and hasn’t been snuffed out yet..I don’t have to have fancy degrees..fancy anything ..from the world’s perspective I am pretty much nothing.,but in God’s eye I am something…

So as small as my life has become ..I have a choice…to focus on that voice that says I am useless..or turn it around and say Nah..God’s not done with me yet.,it is 3:58am on a Thursday morning..and what did I decide to do..I decided to give myself a dose of strength and courage..and show one very good gift I have..I can write and express my thoughts.,so if only one person reads this..that’s fine..but this is for own therapy..when I have no one other than God to talk to at 4am..I pour out my thoughts and fears in this blog..because it is called ..A Time to I am talking back to those thoughts that said I am worthless .just give up..nah not yet…and not today…

My value is worth more than a paycheck..and in the world’s view ..I guess I have very little to show for it or much value..this may seem silly or not worth much..but just an the other day I was mailing a package to a friend..something he wanted I just bought it and sent it to I was walking up to the front door of the Post Office..l see what looked like a walking wall of boxes.,so I shouted..”do you need help”? As he was trying to figure out how to grab the door or maybe hoping someone would help..I don’t think he thought it I ran up..and said..” Here I will help you.,there is no way you can get the door” ok small and probably insignificant…but that man was grateful..that would have been a distraction to drop about 10 boxes..right in front of the front door..and it made me feel useful..I mean I could have not shown mom tried to slow me down by wanting to go with me…but I just ran out for a few my life served a purpose that moment.,to hold the door open for someone that couldn’t do it themselves..and he may have not even realized he needed help..

So right there…I proved those worthless thoughts wrong..I helped that moment..couldn’t help themselves..and yesterday..I sat home and made jewelry..and spent time with my mom..and petted my dog..and petted my cat.,and smiled..and chatted on Facebook..maybe insignificant..but I am alive.,and still useful..God’s not done with me yet…

As I scan thru the daily scanning thru the obituaries..

Morbid..but kinda true.,and I keep reminding myself.,that when I get to the point that I no longer NEED someone..perhaps that’s when I will meet someone.,or maybe not..either way it’s fine..I look at the personals..and see the very little interest anyone has in me..I gave up wasting my time writing, most don’t respond ..which makes me feel worse..and most just don’t impress me,,and the interesting part is I have been on several dating sites and I see the same guys..who do they expect to meet.,Ms. Universe ..surely isn’t on there,,maybe it’s because I don’t feel at my best,,EHH just tired of the game and feeling like I have to impress anyone.,I kinda just don’t care..the old conversations.,well what do you do for a living,,and having to talk about my Cancer because they have such small brains and wouldn’t understand why a 46 yr old would be living with her mom,,well I lived on my own..for 11 yrs,,I didn’t magicaly meet a great guy..I always had to fight to keep..them and I just don’t care,,and yes from my perspective it seems easier for others ..until they get divorced..or something tragic happens..and they are alone..then..You realize the only one you can depend on is you..

maybe it is how I grew up..seeing my mom marry a man just to leave her mother.,have kids just because.,and look like a family,,than this man passes and my mom shows very little emotion,.she transfers her needs to my brother.,not in a weird brother just took over the companion role of my dad..when it seems I am the only one in this family who even speaks of my dad..and him and I didn’t have the best to say I have daddy issues is an understatement..

Who told us that we need another person to complete us..yes we all get lonely..some don’t have many friends and I am reminded of this every time I have a procedure ect..but it is ok..I no longer chase after sitting it will make a good coffee table book or a nice blog entry as this one..maybe,,..

So I was looking thru the dating sites..

And I was reading and viewing photos of a guy who lived locally..and I thought of this quote..

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” Author Unknown. 

I continued to look at his photos.,and saw he was in a wheel chair..yes a challenge ..but not impossible..his profile said he was a paraplegic..and I thought poor guy at least I have use of my legs..but he was still particular in his mates appearances..not saying he shouldn’t be but he can’t do what most men can..he has we all do..but he is on a dating I give him credit for trying..just like I am on one too..right now I have a hairloss..although I have struggled with my appearance all of my life..trying to get people to approve of thing I have learned to do was accept what is..I don’t have hair.,yup.,but it is ok..I look at myself and think well the showering and getting ready part is a breeze and will be appreciated during the warmer days ..

So..we all have challenges..some are more aware of them.,some are unaware ..but it is the keeping on..spirit..that is important,.accepting what is..and being ok with it..we don’t have to like and not everyone will understand or want to get to know us.,especially when trying to date..because as we all know people are looking for something to make them happy ..something missing from themselves usually.,they think they need a beautiful girl so others guy can think ️…wow you stud..or some women think they need a man to take care of them ..none of the above is true,,companionship is great..well I take it back..some people do need others..those who are disabled and can’t do things for themselves..but I would hope they can get assistance instead of looking or expecting a romantic partner to do this for them..

Well..that’s my message for today..

The day in the life of a 46 yr old single woman trying to date while living with cancer..

So to say I am an understatement..but the effort I have to put in to meet someone thru these dating sites..who has time for that? Maybe when I was younger..I had more I just find myself arguing with people..they don’t want to deal with real stuff..but that’s how most today when I spoke with someone on one of those sites,,and he asked to meet.,and I replied well I want to chat and make friends but not looking for a hookup,,his response saying ..”I never said I want to hook up..why does everyone say that”..and he got real angry about it…so I explained my reasons for using those words,,and he still had a chip on his shoulder,,I said it wasn’t meant to offend..actually a normal guy wouldn’t have gotten upset..the fact that he did..showed me what I knew a few days ago when I contacted him.,that he is a miserable soul for whatever reason..because when I mentioned the Cancer the other day,,he said..”are you bedridden.”..basically assuming I am  on death’s door..that’s not offensive? Sheesh..then he says sorry..I said..”honey I have more life in me than you and most people.,and that I wouldn’t be on a dating site if I wasn’t up for it”..

What I am not up for is weeding thru the ones that do contact me ..who I usually have no interest in..and that’s probably why when I write most people they don’t respond because they don’t want me to think they are interested..and the ones who are interested want to find out what is wrong with me that I am on a dating site..absolutely nothing..when the only reason I am alone is because the person I was with for 8 yrs had to choose..and he had to go with his mom..I am not saying he could have stuck up for me,.because he has 2 sisters living where his mother was moving..she is closer with him and can depend on him..him and I still talk..I was angry about it and I still get hurt..but I think I made peace with it..

I don’t think I will spend too much time on the dating sites..I think I will just focus on making Susan happy and being there for my mom is 80.. And as much as I’d love her to stay here forever..yes sometimes I think…gee let’s see who goes first..although I am hopeful we both will be around for awhile,, thing I have learned..if someone isn’t willing to jump over a puddle for you..why should you swim thru the ocean for them..I can’t expect strangers on the Internet to care about me at this stage of the game..

Yes..if I was super lonely and changed my profile to nothing serious ..guaranteed I could meet someone tomorrow..but it wouldn’t be what I I rather not even bother..because trying to date is worse than a job interview….I mean at least you can make money..what do you get here..aggravation and wasted time..but if I wanted to blog about it..It would make a great is what I always do..I share my life.,because maybe one of my posts will help one person..maybe they will think.,wow..if she can keep going..knowing that her Cancer could kill her and she literally has a ticking time bomb in her.,but I still can laugh and smile,,,although I don’t feel like I am going anywhere anytime me naive…So maybe they can keep trying too..