So I was looking thru the dating sites..

And I was reading and viewing photos of a guy who lived locally..and I thought of this quote..

“I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” Author Unknown. 

I continued to look at his photos.,and saw he was in a wheel chair..yes a challenge ..but not impossible..his profile said he was a paraplegic..and I thought poor guy at least I have use of my legs..but he was still particular in his mates appearances..not saying he shouldn’t be but he can’t do what most men can..he has we all do..but he is on a dating I give him credit for trying..just like I am on one too..right now I have a hairloss..although I have struggled with my appearance all of my life..trying to get people to approve of thing I have learned to do was accept what is..I don’t have hair.,yup.,but it is ok..I look at myself and think well the showering and getting ready part is a breeze and will be appreciated during the warmer days ..

So..we all have challenges..some are more aware of them.,some are unaware ..but it is the keeping on..spirit..that is important,.accepting what is..and being ok with it..we don’t have to like and not everyone will understand or want to get to know us.,especially when trying to date..because as we all know people are looking for something to make them happy ..something missing from themselves usually.,they think they need a beautiful girl so others guy can think ️…wow you stud..or some women think they need a man to take care of them ..none of the above is true,,companionship is great..well I take it back..some people do need others..those who are disabled and can’t do things for themselves..but I would hope they can get assistance instead of looking or expecting a romantic partner to do this for them..

Well..that’s my message for today..

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