Archive | July 2017

Some thoughts swirling thru my mind..

I love this quote by Maya true..I use to value others opinions over mine a good part of my life..when I just had a chemical imbalance and social my brain wouldn’t work properly and I would lean on others to help me..thinking they had my best interest..most of the time they didn’t..and I learned the hard way..especially with living with depression..anxiety..nothing changes unless you change for me it was medication..

Unfortunately the above quote hits home because I had to once again unfriend and block someone..I’m no angel or saint..but when my mind is working properly..I really do try to be a good person..I just joke and say..” I’m just trying to get into heaven..Ya know in case things don’t go as planned..”

I find it interesting..that I’m realizing who is healthy for me to communicate with and who just zaps my precious I decided to pull away from 2 people in particular..who have both been been sucking the life out of me for years..probably because I let them..