Just me..

Hello everyone!

I wanted to create a page to share my cancer journey..

I am 44 yrs old living in Hopewell,NJ with my boyfriend and my 4 pets..
My life will forever be changed after my diagnosis in November 2012..

I was diagnosed with stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma. Her 2 estrogen/progesterone positive..

The doctors said I needed a skin sparing mastectomy with an axillary dissection ..chemo..rads..and a bunch of meds..

I’m Learning different raw food recipes..

I take supplements..flaxseed oil and cottage cheese..drink fresh water with lemon,,try to get out in the sun..

Update…August 2013

I decided to not have surgery..I am currently taking Tamoxifen and soon will be taking Herceptin on a regular basis..My cancer is status quo..and as Dr Schaebler says, “status quo is good, we want to stay status quo for a long time”…

I changed my diet,it’s not as strict, but I do try to eat healthy..I take walks with my dog..and most importantly I try to keep a positive attitude and bring as much joy into my life on daily basis..Because none of us knows when our last day will be..

I have been putting a lot of time and effort into this blog and it has become my baby..

I am practicing my writing skills and hoping to become a published writer some day..

I am available for guest spots in your blog,or write a piece on various topics, from living with cancer,pets,healing,reiki,intuition,inspiration,joy..I am available for paid writing gigs in your online website or print publication..I can make a wonderful addition to your site or column..I can be contacted by email..Susannj30@aol.com

This is an article I wrote for 4wholeness.com

I am also a crafter,reiki master teacher,intuitive and empath ..




6 thoughts on “Just me..

  1. I too have fought this battle. Luckily I had a lumpectomy and radiation but no chemo, two years ago. Good luck to you and keep fighting. Today is my birthday and I’m seeing a surgeon about a mass on my adrenal gland.

  2. Hi Susan-

    I just came across your blog, and I am very happy I did. It’s very inspirational.

    As a fellow NJ’er, I wish you all the best and look forward to more of your blog on here!


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