Nelson’s story..


This handsome boy is my dog Nelson. He is one of the loves of my life..Like all love stories..It was love at first sight! And since everyone has a story including Nelson..I felt pulled to share his story..

It had been 10 yrs since I lost my dog Buddy…Buddy was my first cocker spaniel..He had a story too..He ended up in a shelter and I found his photo on a pamphlet for an animal rescue group at a fall festival..I had him 3 yrs and had to put him down due to a large tumor..I was heart broken to say the least..I drove to the animal hospital with tears in my eyes while on the phone with my mom..This was the toughest thing I ever had to do..I parked in the vet parking lot..ran inside told them I had my dog and I guess to get some assistance..All I remember is carrying him wrapped in a sheet..A man closed my car door..I was a mess..I couldn’t watch him being put down and asked them to bill me and left..still heart broken..


Like I mentioned took me 10 yrs to get another dog..It’s not that I was over my Buddy..I had just gotten use to living without him..It was In December 2010..I decided to place an ad on Craigslist for a cocker spaniel..I received several responses..None of them felt right..Except one..She lived near Cape May, NJ..We corresponded for a few days..She had a buff colored 3 yr old male cocker spaniel named Nelson..She sent me a photo and it was love at first sight..

So my boyfriend offered to drive me 2 hours to go see this dog..I think the owners just didn’t want him..They had other dogs and goats out in the yard..They sure gave us a sales pitch..Only eats a cup a day and doesn’t go on furniture..blah blah..I must have been in their bathroom when they told Rick about putting him outside when they eat.,So we took him home..and he hopped right in the back of Rick’s little car..If he could talk he would have said..”see ya later, I’m going with these people” Then on Facebook I saw his former owners just got a new puppy a few days later…Hmm..She claimed her daughter was allergic..Well that’s fine..whatever.,Nelson has his issues but all my animals do and so does his Mommy..So we are perfect for each other.